The Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language, from The London Teacher Training College, UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this course about?

This is an English Teacher Training course.

We train people to teach English. You will learn the important skills needed to becoming an effective English teacher.

You will learn the necessary:

  • Technical skills (Grammar, Vocabulary teaching).
  • Teaching skills (How to teach the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).
  • Classroom management skills.
What will be the specific goals?

There are five specific goals :

  1. Grammar:  You will learn how to ‘measure’ the English language. For example, you will learn the most important verbs to master in the language and how to teach them.
  2. Vocabulary: You will learn the most important meaning of words and how to emphasise them.
  3. Phonetics and Phonology: You will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in order to verify your pronunciation. You will be writing sentences in IPA.
  4. Comprehension Skills:  You will learn the different levels of questioning in order for you to ask effective questions.
  5. Lesson Planning: You will learn to present a 30-minute lesson that you have prepared for the students.
Where will the certification for the diploma come from?

The Diploma in TESOL will come from The London Teacher Training College, UK. (LTTC).  We have been working with them for the past 19 years. The teacher and founder, Brian Pereira, has been teaching this course and other courses from the very start. We are the longest running school in Asia teaching this programme.

Is the Diploma in TESOL recognised?

LTTC is an approved training provider of Training Qualification UK (TQUK) . The Diploma in TESOL is recognised at Level 7 of the UK National Qualifications Framework. TQUK is an awarding organisation recognised by the UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFqual), the UK Register Qualifications  TQUK aims to provide qualifications for the industry and professionals.

How are the classes taught?

Classes are taught on an online platform (Zoom). There will be 44 online sessions (1.5 hours each) and 4 practical sessions in a classroom (Total 48 sessions). The programme is limited to a maximum of 4 in a class.

Physical classes are also possible – should the student prefer an actual classroom setting.

Will there be assignments after the course?

Since we own another online school based in New Zealand, and since our market is to teach English in Asia, the potential for you getting assignments via online teaching is very good.

All throughout our 19 years of history, we have sent many students to private schools, tuition centres, and training centres, such as : Training Vision, NTUC Learninghub, SSA, Kaplan and many other centres.

How much is the course?

The Diploma in TESOL programme costs $2600 Sing dollars, paid in two ways :

Either – 4 instalments of $650 each.

Or – 8 instalments of $325 each.

There are no extra charges.

How about the assessment?

There will be four areas.

  1.  Homework based assignments.
  2. Open book examination – short answers.
  3. A one-hour writing examination.
  4. Lesson planning and Practical examination.
How do I pay for the course?

Payment can be made via Paypal, if you are overseas, or through payment applications such as : Paylah and PayNow, if you are in Singapore. More information will be furnished when you sign up.

Will there be a subsidy for this course, as I am a Singapore citizen?

Unfortunately, there will not be a subsidy for this course, as we have positioned ourselves as an international company with links to New Zealand and London. Your certification comes from London,UK.

Where can I go find out more information?

You can go to

Tel: 6338 5756, or 97233157 – Brian Pereira (Founder).

Impart Learning Centre Pte Ltd
TESOL training
135 Middle Road, Bylands Building #02-08, S(188975).

6338 5756,    972 33157