Learn to Impart,
Make an Impact

Useful and practical teacher training.

Our classes train you to be the best teacher you can be, with practical tips and tricks on teaching children, adults, and non-native speakers.

​Every course has a classroom teaching experience with real ESL students. You will be trained to prepare lesson plans, run an effective class, and measure learning post-lesson.

Flexible and Affordable

Anyone can learn with online classes, 

flexible class schedules and competitive pricing.

At Impart Learning, we believe that anyone can be a teacher.

 Which is why we have online classes and flexible class schedules so that you can learn at your own pace, and we have competitive class pricing so that your learning is not limited by your pockets.

​Find out more about online classes, schedules and pricing by contacting us, or find out more.

Going International?

We equip you to teach anyoneanywhere.

The London Teacher Training College, UK, certifies you to teach English across the globe. 
With over 190+ classes conducted, our 700+ alumni now teach in countries throughout Asia.