“I am writing this email to congratulate both of us – for you for delivering yet another successful TESOL course, and myself for completing this programme of practical training post-PhD.

Your method of delivery packs a great deal of pedagogical punch, usefully introducing pertinent and practical aspects of teaching, adding to my existing knowledge about English language teaching.

What you have offered in the programme has been a core set of practical skills and procedures, and there are three key teaching factors that I want to mention here that contribute to your success :

  1. Direct instruction on practical methods and procedures that are current and in-depth.
  2. Efficient, efficacious way of transferring knowledge and passing on of information.
  3. Lively, energetic and refreshing style of delivery. This is due to your own charisma, knowledge, style and experience and is of great value for an overall atmosphere of learning for students.
  4. Providing applicable, up-to-date methods and materials for learning, yours is perhaps one of the best schools to acquire the toolkit for teaching ESOL.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying at IMPART, and wish you here all the best.”

Dr Yong Yik Ling, June 2020 (PhD English – NUS, Singapore)

“Never a dull moment at Impart Learning Pte Ltd’s TESOL course. Full of content, informative, concise and interesting. Patient, passionate, conscientious and fun-loving teacher. Looking forward to other courses!”

Denise Ho, Nov 2019

“Thank you for your teaching and guidance all the way. I enjoyed your teaching! You are appreciated, Brian.”

Hui Li, Jan 2020